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mCookie Expert Kit is a do it yourself, easily connectable, modular electronics kit, featuring Microduino’s mCookie Series modules. The Expert Kit is perfect for beginners and educators looking to learn or teach electronics and programming.

This is our largest kit, containing the most modules and sensors offered in the mCookie series. The Expert Kit features the beginner friendly mCookie Series modules, sensors and trinkets. Just like all other mCookie Series modules you can use the Arduino IDE to create your programs. For programming beginners, coding with mDesigner (Scratch) and Mixly is a drag and drop programming alternative to text-based coding.

The Expert Kit adds motors so your projects can go places!  The Motion module can help detect movement and orientation with its gyroscope and accelerometer. In addition, the WiFi module enables your project to connect to the internet. Thus, creating an Internet of Things project! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

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Arduino compatibel ontwikkelingsplatform, magnetisch stapelbaar en compatibel met LEGO. mCookie 301 Expert kit – Luxe Kickstarter Editie. Te programmeren met de vertrouwde Arduino IDE, Scratch, en meer. Integreer je schakelingen in je LEGO bouwwerken.

Bevat 13 modules, 21 sensors en een volledige set met accesoires voor oneindig veel combinaties en mogelijkheden.

Meer info:
Over mCookie: https://microduinoinc.com/mcookie/#about
De modules: https://microduinoinc.com/mcookie/#modules

The mCookie stackable modules eliminate having to wire things to a breadboard. Therefore, learning about programming is not intimidating, in fact, it’s just the opposite!

The mCookie Series eliminates the need for messy wiring by making electronics easily connectable. With our magnetic stackable modules and design it is truly as simple as snapping pieces together! Messy wiring, breadboarding and soldering is completely eliminated!

In de doos:
– 13 modules, 21 sensors and a full set of accessories for all you can make (see list below).
– Instructions for more complex projects such as: Weather station, Motion-controlled LED lights, Time-lapse photography controller, …

2 CoreUSB
1 BLE Bluetooth
1 Hub
1 BM
1 Audio
1 Amplifier
1 10DoF
1 Motor
1 Duo-V
4 Crash
4 Color LED
1 Mic
1 Buzz
2 Speakers
1 Temp & Hum
1 IR Sensor
1 IR Receiver
1 Lightness Sensor
1 Servo
1 Color Detector
1 Shake Sensor
1 Joystick
1 USB Cable
1 Li-ion Battery
21 Sensor Cables
1 IR Remote
1 Motor

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